“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.” – Barbara Januszkiewicz


Roller Coaster Journey

It has been 2 years to work on my idea and finally, the day has come. 

The Idea

The idea is that to provide the consolidate offers which have been giving by Credit Cards/Banks to their customers.

The idea came into my mind when I saw very good offers provided by various Credit Card companies like American Express, Bank of America, Discover etc. It was the tedious job to find desire offer by looking into all those websites.

Then I have started to think to implement this idea into the real application. I spoke to my friends and I found some of the friends are not aware of those deals and also, they do not have time to look into each of the Credit Card websites.

However, the biggest challenge to analysis offers and make master data. Somehow, I manage it by doing manual work, but I am still thinking to automate this approach.

About App

 Download Link –

A user must be registered with his/her email id, we send activation code which needs to enter into App. App authentic the user and then redirect to Add Card screen. It will display all those cards which we have set up the offers. A user just needs to select the card and tap into Add button, it can be deleted from My Card menu too. Then Offers menu has two section.

  1. My Offers – Which is showing offers associated with the added card.
  2. All Offers – It will show all the offers irrespective of the added card.

A user can tap on any offer to see the details. 

We have a feedback section under the Settings menu, please provide any suggestions, feedback or any issue by using this functionality.

A user must be add offer into respective website of the Credit Card companies.

The Benefit

 I have been seeing all the offers and used them whenever I thought so. I think this year I earned at least $200 by adding offers into my account. Offers like,

  1. Spend $100 or more, get $20 back – – American Express
  2. Spend $200 or more, get $20 back – Enterprise Rent-A-Car – American Express
  3. Earn 5% cash back when you book your trip through Airbnb. – Bank of America

The Team

I have started with API development and my friend Ravi Soni was helping me to build the APIs and then I am thinking to have iOS App. So, I have discussed with my friend Manoj Wagh, who has very good experience in iOS development,  he is so excited to implement it. He has an awesome experience in iOS development so we started working on iOS App. We got more help from Bhargav Zala who designed the App and then later got the more help from Dhaval Soni to implement few functionalities under the observation of Manoj Wagh.

Thanks all of you for your awesome contribution.


The biggest challenge is to make this App live and give the user as much as offers from Credit Card companies which require so much manual work to extract the offers. I need to keep up to date master data, for that I am thinking of automation or contact to all those companies where they can open their gateway to access the offers from Offers Plus application. I will try all of those options and will update all of the users.

The Family Support

Special thanks to my wife Bhairavi Soni who support me at day and night and helping me to live with my dream. Thanks to my parents who understand me and support to make it live.


Java 8, Spring 4, MongoDb, Tomcat, Openshift 3, iOS, Maven, Bitbucket, RestEasy, jUnit